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Feet First
by Clyde Bruckman, 1930 (English, subt:Spanish)
by Fritz Lang, 1931 (subt:English)
Number Seventeen
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1932 (Spanish)
Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey
by Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1932 (subt:English)
by Howard Hawks, 1932 (English)
by Tod Browning, 1932 (English)
Duck Soup
by Leo McCarey, 1933 (English)

One of the great Marx Brothers' classics. Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho) is named dictator of Freedonia and you can figure out how his regime goes...
39 Escalones
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1935 (English)
The Bride of Frankenstein
by James Whale, 1935 (English)
A night at the Opera
by Sam Wood, 1935 (English)

Marx Brothers at their best!
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1936 (Spanish)
Secret Agent
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1936 (Spanish)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
by Frank Capra, 1936 (Spanish)
The Milky Way
by Leo McCarey, 1936 (Spanish)
Young and Innocent
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1937 (Spanish)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
by Ted Sears, 1937 (English)
The Lady Vanishes
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1938 (Spanish)
You Can't Take It with You
by Frank Capra, 1938 (Spanish)
Bringing Up Baby
by Howard Hawks, 1938 (Spanish)
Aleksandr Nevskiy
by Sergei Eisenstein, 1938 (English)
Jamaica Inn
by Alfred Hitchcock, 1939 (Spanish)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
by Frank Capra, 1939 (Spanish)
Only Angels Have Wings
by Howard Hawks, 1939 (Spanish)
The Wizard of Oz
by Victor Fleming, 1939 (Spanish)

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