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Llaneros Solitarios Hackers, Guerrilla Llaneros solitarios - Hackers: la guerrilla informática
by Fernando Bonsembiante; Raquel Roberti (ISBN: 9508520752)

(en español) Muy buen libro nacional sobre el submundo del hacking local y global.

Out of the Inner Circle Out of the Inner circle
by Bill Landreth (aka 'The Cracker') (ISBN: 155615223X)

Interesting introduction to the Computing Insecurity world. History, Intrusion types, Methods, Weaknesses, Hacking and anti-hacking techniques.

cover Writing Secure Code
by Michael Howard, David LeBlanc (ISBN: 0735615888)

A must-read if you care about securing your applications from external offenders and from themselves. Mostly geared to .NET, it provides important guidelines and concepts with universal applicability.

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