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cover Admin 911: Windows 2000 Terminal Services
by Larry Seltzer (ISBN: 0072129913)

All you want to know about installing, configuring, using, and (most important) troubleshooting Terminal Services. Come back to the mainframe model in the 21st century.

cover Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003
by Jerry Honeycutt (ISBN: 0735615705)

cover Mastering Windows NT Server 4
by Mark Minasi (ISBN: 0782121632)

NT Server Bible (1620 pages!).

cover Mastering Windows Server 2003
by Mark Minasi (ISBN: 0782141307)

This is the version of the Bible for SysAdmins in its W2003 Server incarnation. The equivalent of the great Mastering NT, and all the rest from Minasi. 1700+ pages, or a regular CD.

cover Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services
by Bernhard Tritsch (ISBN: 0735619042)

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