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cover Object Orientation in Visual FoxPro
by Savannah Brentnall (ISBN: 0201479435)

Nice introduction to OOP from a FoxPro developer standpoint. From the most basic concepts until the pragmatical approach in VFP. Something about OO analysis and desing and many leads to follow.

The Foxpro 2.6 Codebook The FoxPro 2.6 Codebook
by Yair Alan Griver (ISBN: 0782115519)

Just for nostalgia. An OOP framework implemented over FP 2.6! (see also The VFP CodeBook 3)

cover The Visual FoxPro CodeBook 3
by Yair Alan Griver (ISBN: 0782116485)

A very extensive n-tier application development framework. It is quite complex and has some debatable concepts, but it has been the seed or model for most Visual FoxPro frameworks.

cover VFP 6 Enterprise Development
by Rod Paddock; John Petersen; Ron Talmage (ISBN: 0761513817)

Ole Drag & Drop; ADO; Project Hooks; Visual Modeler; ASP; Win API; SQL; Web; etc

  Visual FoxPro 8.0 Para Desenvolvedores
by Fábio Vazquez (ISBN: 8573231971)

(in Portuguese) Excellent "wha's new"-book from Fábio. It not only provides an update on the new features, but also explains how they complement the existing ones, and how to really leverage them all.

cover Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic .NET
by Les Pinter (ISBN: 0672326493)

I can't comment too much on this book, as I was the Technical Editor. The purpose of the book is to present both development platform side by side. You can learn a lot about Visual FoxPro by reading it, but it also explains how to do the same things in VB.NET.

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